- 2016 -
You can see the detail of the project [ Spirit of "North"]
that Maruyama directs and organizes .
Fresh Winds : The International Art Biennale 2015-2016

50 artists from the world create artworks during 5 weeks in Gardur, Iceland. Fresh Winds is held for the forth time, the theme of this year is "tides".

stay and exhibition/ 15 Dec. 2015 - 17 Jan. 2016
place/ Gardur, Iceland

Virsmas / Transmutation

artist/ MARUYAMA Yoshiko : Eclosion-The World Might Change
MARUYAMA Tokio : CLINE-Where are we?
date/ 20 Jan. - 7 Feb. 2016
venue/ The Marija and Jurgis Slapelis House-Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania

Symposium: Art meets Mysterious World

lecturer/ MARUYAMA Yoshiko, ASANO Juri, MURATA Tatsuhiko
cross talk/ MARUYAMA Yoshiko, ASANO Juri, MURATA Tatsuhiko, FUJI Hiroshi, ISHIKURA Toshiaki
date/ 15 March 17:30 - 20:00
venue/ Akita University of Art

Publication: Art Bridge 03

The book contains the lecture and interview of Maruyama about the art project Spirit of "North".
host/ Minato Chihiro (photpgrapher, author, director of Art Bridge Institute)
Art Bridge Institute

Fresh Winds Afterthought

The Japanese participants and the director Mireya Samper show the arts and activities of Fresh Winds 2015-2016.

artist/ MARUYAMA Tokio, MARUYAMA Yoshiko, IWASAKI Kohnosuke, OKAWA Yumiko, ISHIMOTO Kae, KOMABA Takuya
cooperation/ INATSU Ayako
special guest/
Mireya Samper
exhibition, performance & talk/ 14 April
venue/ 3331 Arts Chiyoda, 1F Community space (6-11-14, SotoKanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Publication: document book of Spirit of "North" vol.2-vol.5

The book will be published in June, it contains the activity during 2013-2015.

Copyright (c) MARUYAMA Yoshiko, All rights reserved.