Can You Hear Me? #2110-2

Through my collaboration with Kyra Clegg, the theme I have been expressing through my work, ‘humans facing More-Than-Human’, acquired an added perspective of our Earth viewed from space and a meaning of the expansive time that passed before humans came to exist here and now. Kyra’s videos and banners, my floor installations and paintings and the More-Than-Human elements of the real world, like breezes and light outside and landscapes, all resonated together and became one, as a single piece of work.
I believe that our work has been able to express the idea that we exist with all other existences ― an idea we should revisit as the COVID-19 pandemic brings the human race to an important juncture.

[Spirit of North vol.11~14 : Confluence]
Under the Covid-19, our exchange with Scotland U.K. has resulted in a bilateral exchange exhibition, with both artists sending artworks to each other and maintaining a close online connection. The "Spirit of North" project in Japan and the "Confluence of North" project in Scotland co-organized, with a total of four exhibitions held in both countries.
Artists from both countries were paired one-on-one to create works of collaborative expression.

Maruyama Yoshiko: Installation of the space and on the floor, paintings
Kyra Clegg: Video ’Magnetic North’(2021, 95sec.) and banner