The Pupa Stage#1308

The ecology of swallowtail that emerged was full of surprises and mysteries. Among their metamorphosis, the most mysterious was the pupa stage just before they became butterflies. Completely different in its behaviors up until that stage, the form of a pupa that resembles a pharaoh's coffin was lifelessly inactive. In order for a pupa to be reborn into a body with a completely different purpose, the cells of its inner body must simultaneously undergo death and creation; that is, a pupa undergoes a drastic transition by reducing its larval body to pulp.
After sleeping and meditating on the foots of two mountains in Kjerringoy, the pupa will regenerate itself.
I superimpose mankind's present state that is striving to change in the post 3/11(date of Japanese catastrophe in 2011) world with the form of life.