Conflict in Human History

This work surveys human history, from ancient to present times, through the lens of the many conflicts that have occurred. The unnatural deaths caused by those conflicts are the results of condensed human desires, and expose one essential aspect of human nature. Even today, new conflicts continue to be added to this sad chapter of human history. One might question, “Why must humans be this way?”
In this work, Maruyama interrelates the diorama of The Battle of Atsukashiyama, as found at the Fukushima Museum (the venue of this exhibition), with the “scenes” that seemingly jump out from her work. Those scenes that she created into a long, belt-like form derived from the torrential events in human history. In that battle, shogun Minamoto no Yoritomo conquered the Oshu Fujiwara clan, destroying the peaceful Buddhist city and the Hiraizumi culture in the Tohoku region that was built by the clan. This type of unfortunate incident that hindered outstanding ideas because of political views and discrimination has repeated itself throughout all ages and regions. As is often noted, history predominantly comes from the perspective of the conquerors of conflicts. However, out of the buried historical facts of those who were conquered, there must be many stories and significant events that could reveal aspects of their forgotten humanity.