I Hear the Sound of the Waves at a Crossing

Hypothesis: “A Crossing Is Like a Beach Washed by a Myriad of Human Thoughts”

Waves of people come and go at a large intersection on a main street of a metropolis. An intersection is a particularly densely populated place where a great number of people move all at once over short periods of time. Even though strangers crossing the road in a group are so close to one another that their shoulders might be touching, each person is in his or her own personal thoughts and feelings—no one would have any idea what they are thinking about.
People who feel a sense of alienation or loss in their own society believe that they are “oni demons.” The shadows of people found in this work regularly repeat an “ebb and flow” movement as they overlap and create waves. The various thoughts and emotions of people surge into the crossing and create commotion.

The theme of this exhibition was for the participating artists to create works based on their own hypotheses.
The Japanese oni demon is a dauntless, imaginary monster with horns that has a variety of meanings. In this work, she referred to the demon’s state of mind that is derived from a children’s game in which one plays the role of “oni demon” who is dodged by all the other players.