Between the Lines#0101

How does a human being which exposes it's essence associates with the same kind? How is the psychology then? When I put a lot of the portraits taken in different countries in the form of a circle, they are to have new relation to be next by accident. I think this "accident" is similar to our life, in other words, it is the thing itself which being born in this country in this era, and coexisting with people of the society that I was accidentally present.
A figure of a person lost its detail passing through the process from photography to print, becomes anonymity, and besides, it gets closer to existence as a life human being. The subtle red line which borders every direction of a portrait symbolizes her (his) psychology for other people as a boundary line. Each lines of the portraits continue changing always in relation between individuals and among individual and others, organically complicatedly. It will surely shows that germination (beginning) of friction between races were similar to this.