Out of Chaos#9605

In this work, each of the panels that stood against one another looked like an abstract painting with bleach-like stains. Upon closer look, one found that photographic images, which were transferred onto those panels covered with bluish cloth, blended into the stains. Those images that were extracted from news photos consisted of such appearances as people yelling, rejoicing, or holding guns. Maruyama’s attempt was to explore the human behaviors in those photos.
From a distance, each of the images turned into one of the stains on the panel, while also merging into the expanse of blue. Deep shades were created between the gaps of the panels that supported one another. This added a sense of movement to the atmospheric cloud-like stains that seemingly spread to the surroundings and the backgrounds, and then to the entire space. The appearance of the work as a whole conveyed the image of Earth, where all things naturally crossed national boundaries and continued to flow unimpeded. But then, it seemed as if the fragile balance of the panels was liable to collapse with just a small jolt. This work that appeared to already be ruins might also have been in such a chaotic stage, out of which something new was about to be born.